Enjoy a wonderful vacation in the heart of the archipelago


Touring the waterways (1 day)
Our meeting point is Castro, capital city of Chiloé. Then we head to Chonchi, known as the city of three floors, where we can see the amazing typical Chiloé architecture. Then we cross to the Lemuy Island by boat to the town of Puqueldón. From there we will continue by land to Puchilcos were we will board our boat and sail over the Lemuy Channel in a 25 minute journey. Arriving at Quehui Island we will sail the calm waters of the Pindo pond to arrive at Los Angeles, where we will have a delicious traditional lunch.
As the day ends, we will visit one of the oldest island sites, “San Miguel” where we can visit its amazing cemetery. Returning home we will visit the old church at Chelín Island that is protected by UNESCO. Our trip ends at Puchilco, were a car awaits us to take us to Castro. We can optionally visit the park “Yayanes” in the Lincay sector

Circle Route (2 days)
Relive the circular mission of the Jesuits where we will see the profound religiosity reflected in their churches, cemeteries and traditional icons.

Day 1: We leave by land from Castro to Dalcahue, a typical chilote port. There we will visit the church and then cross to Quinchao Island. Arriving at the town of Achao, an old alerce (lumber) port, we will have the chance to see one of the first settlements of the Jesuits in this archipelago. From there we will walk, viewing amazing landscapes from the inner sea of Chiloé until we arrive to Punta Chequian. Then it’s time to sail in our small boat in a journey around 50 minutes, with views of the small Imelev Island, Chelín Island, and Quehui Island. Our day ends at the hostel were we will have a lovely night at the main house.

Day 2: From Quehui will sail towards Chelín Island to visit its church. Arriving on Lemuy Island we will see the Aldachildo and Ichuac churches as well. To continue our trip we move to “Parque Yayanes” in the Puqueldón sector, enjoying a lovely view of the Chiloé forest and the taste of several traditional dishes from Chiloé. To finish our trip we will visit Conchi, the city of three floors, named for its location on three levels. You will see traditional architecture and the recently restored church. Lodging, dinner and breakfast are included.

    is a family project, located in the heart of the archipelago. In addition to providing tourist services it promotes the participation of the local community, sharing our natural and cultural heritage. We invite visitors to stop by and enjoy our way of life.

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